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About Benny

Benny Weill is an Israeli musician born in 1988 who has been writing, playing and producing music for over 20 years


As a child he learned to play the piano and was a member of choirs, and at the age of 12 he began to play the guitar and perform with musical ensembles. During his early teenage years, he traveled to his family in the United States, where he became interested in producing blues & rock music, and he discovered his love of the electric guitar. Under his new influence of American music, he deepened his musical endeavors when he returned to Israel and began working as a session-player in various live shows and events accompanying Israeli artists both on stage and in the studio. He later enlisted in the military band, where he served as a guitarist, keyboardist and singer


Since then he has managed to record, produce, perform and sing with many artists of varying musical genres. From rock, blues, acoustic music, through Mediterranean and electronic music, there is nothing Benny hasn't done and he always invites new challenges


In 2016, he established his studio in Jerusalem, where he produces music for songs, films and commercials, in Israel and around the world


For the past three years, Benny's main focus has been on recording and producing music and accompanying artists on their musical path, whether at a beginners level or for more experienced artists, Benny gives it his all

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