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After years of recording, performing and accompanying many artists as a Musician, Assistant producer and Technician, and visiting inspiring studios in Israel and the United States, Benny set up his studio in Jerusalem


In addition to his work, Benny is a collector of unique musical instruments and recording equipment. His studio has dozens of acoustic and Electric guitars, Drum machines, Microphones, Percussion, Synthesizers and various Effects, along with special and rare instruments from around the world that he uses in his daily work. Mastery of various instruments, as well as sound and music production, provides him with the ability to produce songs at the highest level and take songs all the way from the planning and sketching phase all the way to the final master


Benny often collaborates with artists and creators from around the world, and in doing so has expanded his influences and inspirations. Of course in our modern digital age, geographical restrictions no longer exist and he can work remotely with anyone from anywhere, anytime

About the Studio



The emphasis in Benny's studio is on rich harmony, musical precision, and creation of an exciting deep musical shell


The inspirations he brings come from different genres, and are reflected both in the cover versions of well-known songs he recorded over time, and in the musical productions in which he participated


The work in the studio is divided into several categories: some artists come to build sketches for the songs, some come to a recording session to add depth and unique color to the work and some come with finished songs that require mixing/mastering to solidify what they have into a more balanced, complete musical piece of art


Music Counseling

Every musician has his or her own musical truth and unique approach to creating music. However, there are difficulties and dilemmas that many creators share. Creating music can be a confusing, stressful, and sometimes discouraging process. The purpose of the counseling session is to organize the materials, thoughts, goals and musical vision and to help the musicians continue to walk the musical path with confidence and without fear


During the session we delve into the work that needs to be done by firstly playing the songs. Together, we then come to an understanding of your  dreams and aspirations. We discuss what needs to happen for them to become a reality. We then formulate a short-term and long-term strategy, and build a unique musical concept and a plan that contains the steps to its realization

ייעוץ מוזיקלי

Concert Production

The transition from a recording studio to a live musical setting requires knowledge and experience in a number of areas that facilitate an accurate and professional performance on stage


A tour begins with a process of deep thinking about the essence and definition of your musical vision and your artistic character - thinking about sound and visual concept, writing precise arrangements, building the order of the show, creating roles for the various musicians, programming computerised tracks and much more


Benny can also direct you in many other areas such as photography, technical stage planning, rehearsal locations, financial management, sound and lighting solutions, advertising, marketing and much more


In Benny's studio you can schedule a meeting in which we will discuss all these components and formulate a work plan that will create an artistic performance and an exciting experience for you and your audience

הפקת מופע
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